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How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

Posted on: 8/23/2019

Long distance is tough. Whether you are a country away, a state away, a town away — or even just twenty minutes away in a city like Los Angeles (twenty minutes that are actually ninety minutes thanks to traffic) — it takes a lot of effort, patience, honesty and desire to keep a long-distance relationship alive. Read how here...

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Moving In Together? 14 Tips for a Smooth Transition

Posted on: 4/20/2022

Couples moving in together are taking an exciting step in their relationship. However, a lot will change about your relationship when you’re living with your significant other. It’s important to have the hard conversations beforehand and continuously check in with each other throughout
your relationship. Your significant other might have routines, habits, preferences, and opinions you’re unaware of. There are other important questions to ask as well: Does your partner prefer waking up early on the weekends? Do they prefer to order in instead of cook at home? How will household bills and other expenses be handled? Who’s responsible for what chores? Why are you moving in together in the first place?
These questions can be overwhelming but like any aspect of a relationship, communication is key. Redfin asked us to share our best piece of advice for couples moving in together. So whether you and your significant other are planning to move into an apartment in Atlanta, GA, or a rental unit in Portland, OR, the experience will be as smooth as possible. Check out what we had to say!

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13 Ways to Boost Communication with Your Partner

Posted on: 2/8/2021

We all know that one of the most important aspects of a relationship is communication. Talking to your significant other feels like something that should be natural. Yet, it is a common struggle among couples. Take a look now to learn how we believe you can boost your communication for a longer and stronger relationship... 

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Things You Should Get Rid of Before the End of the Year!

Posted on: 12/21/2020

Who isn’t ready to say goodbye to 2020? Here are some tips on starting 2021 off on the right track...

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The Surprising Way Watching TV Can Make Your Relationship Stronger

Posted on: 11/2/2020

All that TV binging and late night movie watching you’ve been partaking in lately may be doing more than just helping you to tune out the drama of 2020. Find out more from the best matchmakers out there now... 

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The Experts Give Warning Signs Of Divorce You Need To Pay Attention To

Posted on: 10/16/2020

Some might equate the end of a marriage with tumultuous arguments, clandestine infidelities, or unforgivable betrayal.  However, the signs of divorce can often be subtle, everyday occurrences that go unnoticed by one or both marital partners. We give you more insight into the signs you need to pay attention to today... 

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The End Of Summer Songs You Need to Stream Now

Posted on: 9/21/2020

Destin Pfaff from his hit Bravo show, Millionaire Matchmaker, where he and his wife Rachel Federoff help “the financially elite and socially awkward find love.” gives his thoughts on music to soothe your soul at the end of Summer... Sounds like the perfect person to add some romantic spice to our mix...

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What’s Behind All These Bad Dates in the Pandemic?

Posted on: 9/8/2020

Late-night FaceTiming, nonstop texting — and major disappointment when you meet IRL. We’re all so thirsty, we’re seeing connections that might not actually exist...

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The Millionaire Matchmakers say you should always go on at least 2 dates with someone!

Posted on: 7/16/2020

After an awkward first date, it might be your inclination to throw in the red flag and start from square one.

But according to married matchmaking duo Destin Pfaff and Rachel Federoff, skipping out on a second date could be a big mistake...

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9 Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Romantic Couples' Trip

Posted on: 7/12/2020

Whether you’ve been together for a few months or several decades, traveling as a couple creates a unique set of challenges. Even the most connected, communicative pair can run into hiccups. To help you tackle any issues before they arise and calmly handle problems while on a trip, we spoke to a few relationship experts and put together list of nine common mistakes couples make on vacation (and how to avoid them)...

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Are You Dating Someone with Peter Pan Syndrome?

Posted on: 6/19/2020

Everyone has met, maybe even dated, a man who is still a child at heart. He still loves video games or wants to go out at all hours of the night. He is every kid’s favorite uncle – because he’s just like them.

And one more thing: he’s terrible with responsibility. He’s never reliable. He can’t stay committed to a relationship or a job or anything because he’s just not mature enough to do so. 

If you recognize the description above, you may be dealing with someone who struggles with Peter Pan Syndrome...

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When Online Dating Becomes the Antidote to Social Distancing

Posted on: 3/27/2020

For all its sporadic thrills, online dating can sometimes feel like a harrowing feat with dubious potential for romantic payoff. Add to that equation a historic global pandemic and nationwide social distancing, and the pursuit can only feel more futile, right? Actually, it turns out, even when you can't meet a match in person, going online can prove to be a fruitful or at least a great distraction...

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Quickies, Date Nights, and Good Connection: How These Parents Keep Their Sex Life Alive

Posted on: 3/18/2020

Destin Pfaff and Rachel Federoff are best known for their work on Bravo’s The Millionaire Matchmaker, where they helped Patti Stanger find love for the mega-rich. The couple are also married, the parents of two boys — a 10 and a half year old and a three year old — and now co-own their own matchmaking company, Love and Matchmaking. So yeah, they’re busy. Still, they find time to prioritize their own relationship and sex life, too. What’s their secret to a great marriage?..

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Is my Relationship Healthy?

Posted on: 3/10/2020

Being in a healthy relationship that's couple goals can be like throwing on your power outfit before a big night out: It gives you confidence, comfort, and looks different for everyone. When you're both working together to achieve something, it can bond you together and make you feel like you're part of a team. But while it's good to have goals, experts say some common relationship goals are actually toxic...

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The Best Dating Advice for Men!

Posted on: 2/17/2020

Do you ever feel like you’re the only one in the world having a hard time trying to meet someone? We’re not talking about only getting laid. That’s easy. We’re talking about finding someone to be in a relationship with. In this article, we’re helping you make the dating scene manageable by talking with experts to compile a piece that we call “The Best Dating Advice for Men”.

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Former ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ Stars Rachel Federoff and Destin Pfaff Tell Us Their Love Story and Offer Relationship Advice

Posted on: 2/14/2020

Have you ever looked at a couple and wondered how they found each other? What was it that brought them together? One couple, former Millionaire Matchmaker stars Rachel Federoff and Destin Pfaff, took the time to chat with us and share their love story. The relationship experts and founders of Love and Matchmaking also gave us some of their best relationship advice. Here’s what they had to say...

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How to Build Strong Relationships

Posted on: 2/9/2020

Our COO and Head Matchmaker believes communication is the key!...I know you have heard it time and time again, but the #1 strategy to building (and keeping) a strong relationship is by talking to each other. Sometimes we get into a groove and expect our partners to just know how we’re feeling or what’s going on in our daily lives (Come on! Read our minds already!)...

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The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for Every Stage of a Relationship

Posted on: 1/23/2020

Is your heart racing just thinking about what to buy for Valentine’s Day? Whether you’ve just started dating or have been together for years, you’ll be smitten with this gift guide...

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Relationship Advice from Expert Matchmaking Duo

Posted on: 12/9/2019

Destin Pfaff and Rachel Federoff are internationally renowned relationship experts and matchmakers who own Love and Matchmaking, a one-stop-shop for love. With hundreds of successful matches under their belts, and a thriving relationship of their own (the couple has been married for eight years), who better to ask about all things relationships than these two?

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How to Decide Where to Propose

Posted on: 11/11/2019

Proposal destinations are trending and have become almost more important and meaningful to some couples than the actual wedding itself! Once you’ve decided that this is how you’d like to propose, next up is deciding on exactly where you should travel. Here, we share what you should consider when choosing where to propose... 

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Love and Matchmaking: A One Stop Shop for Single Professionals in ALL 50 States

Posted on: 11/5/2019

The online dating scene has given singles a world of date options. However, it takes a while to narrow that broad dating pool to the most compatible and authentic few. Busy singles often don’t have the time or patience to throw themselves into the swiping carousel, so they seek more personalized and stress-free alternatives — such as a matchmaker...

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Your 3-Step Guide to Mastering The Art of Compromise in Your Relationship

Posted on: 10/23/2019

There are many desirable traits to look for in a partner—kindness, humor, and intelligence are a few solid examples. Another biggie that comes to mind? Willingness to compromise, because without it, the relationship can quickly veer into my-way-or-the-highway territory. Discover a few ways to avoid that here... 

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Here’s What You Need To Know About Dating After Divorce

Posted on: 10/22/2019

It’s time to talk about dating after divorce. As any single woman will tell you, dating is hard with a capital H. Add the “Oh yeah, I’m also divorced” bombshell to the mix, and it takes on a whole new level of challenges. We dive into how to navigate this new obstacle here... 

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13 Halloween-Themed Date Ideas To Bring You Closer Together

Posted on: 10/17/2019

If you want to do something different on your next date night, try going for a spooky vibe. We gave some of our expertise, alongside other colleagues on some unique, spooky date night options. Which can boost your attraction and create intimacy between you and your partner. In some ways, it can even bond you closer together than a romantic date would...

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Online Dating Fatigue and First Date Hot Spots on KTLA

Posted on: 10/10/2019

Online dating can be exhausting and often times your endevours are fruitless. If you feel like it's time to take a break from online dating, we are here to help. Watch our appearance on KTLA today and learn more about how to switch your dating game from the online world to the real world...

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How To Make Sex Less Awkward

Posted on: 9/20/2019

For some people, sex just comes naturally. They make love the way it looks in high-budget movies. There’s a natural spark, it’s effortless and it doesn’t come off forced. Just like some people are naturally gifted athletes, some people are just natural lovers. But for plenty of others sex, can be … well, kind of awkward. It’s less about not understanding it and more that being naked, and in such a vulnerable position, can make anyone anxious. Maybe you’re awkward during sex, your partner feels put-off or it’s the both of you. The good news? You’re not alone...

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9 Small Things You Should Change on Your Dating App Profile

Posted on: 9/18/2019

When it comes to online dating, everyone has an opinion — and a seemingly very strong one at that. One thing is for sure: it's not easy to stand out when you're competing for attention against millions of people on an app...

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30 Romantic Fall Date Ideas That Go Beyond the Pumpkin Patch

Posted on: 9/16/2019

Whether you’ve been together two months or two decades, in any relationship it’s critical to keep things fun (when you can, that is). A date night can help coax a long-term partnership out of a rut, or give new couples a chance to bond. We turned to relationship experts and therapists for these romantic fall date ideas.... 

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The 7 Best Places to Meet Someone & Flirt

Posted on: 7/26/2019

Dating apps have made it easy to strike up a conversation and flirt with anyone you find attractive. At least if you match with someone online, there's a comfort in knowing they're open to talking to you. But if you're looking to meet someone offline, knowing when and where to get your flirt on can be a little challenging...

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How to Write a Great Online Dating Profile

Posted on: 7/20/2019

If you’re single, ready to mingle and hoping to eventually settle down, you can’t discount the importance of online dating these days. Even if you don’t consider yourself tech-savvy and you find it hard to believe you’d ever meet someone of value via the interwebs, the industry continues to grow and cater to every type of love interest and goal. This creates numerous opportunities but also, competition...

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It's Totally OK To Still Be Thinking About Your Ex — Here's Why

Posted on: 7/9/2019

Sometimes, like a spinning carnival wheel you're convinced your brain must be busted, your train of thought might land on an ex. While it's certainly more common of an occurrence when the breakup is fresh in your mind, reminiscing about the good times you once shared with this person can happen months, even years, post-split.

Unfortunately, there's so much pressure to brush off the hurt and get over an ex shortly after the breakup that it's even become a taboo to still be thinking about an ex mere months after calling it quits—a taboo experts say needs to be negated ASAP...

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