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The Truth Behind Why You're Single

You think you know, but really you don’t. No, it’s not just because you’re picky, or that online dating doesn’t work, or because you’re not the right body type. Nope… none of those things. And hey, you’re not high maintence, right? You look banging in that outfit, right? You’re online profile is perfect, right? It’s time to grab a mirror and REALLY look at yourself… and see the TRUTH behind why you’re still single.
No one loves the sound of your own voice more than you. Try shutting your trap and stop being so opionionaited. Thoughts and beliefs are great when appropriate, but when you make something all about you, that’s ONE BIG TURN OFF!Complain, complain, COMPLAIN! While on the subject of putting a cork in it, no one wants to hear you vocalize your innner bitchyness. Leave the whinning to the five year olds, please. Profile Image- exposing "the girls" in that itty bitty bikini while holding a cocktail and smoking a cigarette, is not going to help you find Prince Charming. And guys, taking that selfie in the bathroom mirror in nothing but a towel to show off that so-called six pack, is not going to get you a wife! (Stay tuned for next week’s blog on the do’s and don’ts of profile pics!)Hood Rat, Hood Rat, Hoochie Mama- dress to impress, YES! Dressing like you’re going to be sliding up and down on a pole- NO! On the other end of the spectrum – yoga pants, Man Buns, muscle tees, flip flops, or sweaters with kittens on them, ain’t going to fly either! Find the balance of classy meets sexy, not trashy meets messy.Where you at?- hitting the nightclub is just a Meat Market Sex Buffet. Nope, no love here. Think objectivley about where you’re going and what you want from it. Don’t be an idiot!
Sometimes you need to fall further down the rabbit hole to see what’s REALLY going on. Once you peel back the layers and follow our guidelines, you will notice a HUGE change in the type of guy or girl you meet. This is just the tip of the iceberg! Let us help you get out of Singledom and into the Kingdom of Love! Contact us for help!