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Straight to the Heart

When you’re in a relationship and you find that you both are arguing more, or maybe things just feel strained- no matter how under appreciated you may feel, sometimes it’s good to step back and ask yourself "what have I done for my mate lately?" We know… and this isn’t automatic deflection – or giving in. What it is, is gaining appreciation THROUGH appreciation. It’s leading by example. It’s loving how you want to be loved.
FOOD – When is the last time you cooked (and cleaned up after) their favorite dinner?
SEX – When is the last time you just felt like pleasing them? Making them feel special.
GOING OUT – Hate action or horror films? Take him to one. Don’t like foreign romance flicks? Surprise her with one. You get what we’re saying.
MASSAGE – We all have long days, Sometimes a body just likes to be touched.
KISSING – A sudden french kiss can change the world.
MUSIC – Going to the store together? On the way, BLAST their favorite song.
The list can go on and on and on. Stop the stand off. Do onto the one you love, as you want done onto you. If all else fails you can always have us help you! Give us a call today!