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Second Date Do's & Don'ts

CONGRATULATIONS! You made it through round one! Let’s recap- on your first date, you met in a public place, you didn’t talk about yourself too much, you kept the office at the office, if you have kids you didn’t talk about them, and at the end of the date you had a goodnight kiss. WELL DONE!
Time for round two! First of all, there are a lot of elements from round one you’re going to have to re-embrace- still meet in a public setting, keep the conversation light, and make sure to end with a smooch. Getting this down will now help you with these tips:
Question Bounce- for every question they ask, ask at least one question back with a follow up. In other words, help them expand on thier answer so you can dig a little deeper.Kiddo Chatter- Have kids? Dying to talk about them? Now’s your opportunity for NO MORE THAN A TOTAL OF FIVE MINUTES and not all at once!The Nine To Fiver- Passionate about what you do? Got a funny story or two about what went down at the office? This is a good time to share a little more about who you are by HOW you talk about what you do. DON’T go on and on, but keep it brief and interesting. Remember to get your date to do the same!Hobby Lobby- No we don’t mean the store. Here’s a great time to really get into common interests and unique ones too. Again, keep it even don’t go on for an hour on how much you love cats or for you men your obsession with football. The Dirty Flirty- You’ve agreed to a second date so now is the moment to show you’re interest and release a bit of those pheremones. As the date winds down it’s up to you to decide if you’re interested or not so if you are, it’s time to put it out there. SUBTLEY! DON’T go jumping into his lap. Guys DON’T go for second base. DO sit closer. DO have some physical contact when talking- hand on the shoulder etc.
All in all smile a lot, laugh a lot, and have a fantastic time! If round three is a go- that’s when the fun really begins! Dates not working out? Dates working out too well and too fast? We are here to help! Contact for all your love, life and dating needs!