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Remember: Safety First

Dating is always a multitude of things – exciting, fun, adventurous, a pain, anxiety provoking, and yes, even dangerous. With scary events like the ‘Craigslist Killings,’ Jeffery Marsalis etc. meeting someone for the first time can be down right terrifying. You never know if the person behind the profile is real… or a Fakester.
As Love Experts and world renouned Matchmakers, we know that the number one step in dating is to do it right and do it safe! Fellas, this applies to you too, so listen up! Here are’s tips to making sure you don’t end up fooled… or worse.
1. Reach Out and Touch Someone- hey, remember that thing called a phone? You know for TALKING on? Do a maximum 15 minute phone call after your first few online interactions.
2. Facetime- if all goes well on the phone have a Skype date! This way you get to really see the person before going all in.
3. Notify Next of Kin- make sure your closest pals and local family know that you’re going on a date and where and when it is.
4. Meet Up- sorry it’s not 1955 anymore, so take your own car or Uber and meet him or her at the selected location. No one likes a stalker, kids.
5. Public Place- always meet in a public setting. If he or she wants to have a soire at thier maison- JUST SAY NO!
Play your cards right and you just may find that perfect soul mate! If you are looking to get help with your online dating profile drop us a line