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No Thanks A Latte

Ladies this one is especially for YOU. Let’s face it women are creatures who love to be wooed, courted, romanced, and, even in this day and age, taken out on a date. Once upon a time men were chivalrous and knew the fine art of "how to take a woman out." With the rise of technology, this form of courtship has sadly faded.
We hear time and time again the popular date of choice is "Hey let’s meet for coffee." HOLD THE PHONE! Where does it say anywhere that meeting at your local Starbucks equals a romantic first date?! We get the safety factor of meeting in a public setting, but COME ON guys – put some effort into your date plans!
Let’s break it down:
A For Effort- men that put care and effort into planning dates are usually the ones that put care and effort into dating YOU. A guy that just takes you out for coffee, may be jaded – and simply going out on too many first dates to really feel that he needs to put any more effort forth. Or maybe he simply just doesn’t care. Either way, aren’t you worth more than that Macchiato?
Cheap- you don’t have to spend your paycheck just to take someone out, but you DO need to put forth at least some effort (see above) into being creative and romantic. Wouldn’t you rather have an intimate dinner or a walk on the beach over hanging out with a bunch of people on their laptops sipping a three dollar Venti?
The Millennial Curse- people say that those under thirty wants to have sex first before they even consider going out on a real date with someone. Some think that the younger generation is all about short attention spans and convenience. We disagree. Just because our Smart Phones are glued to our hands doesn’t mean we don’t know how to treat a woman the way she deserves to be treated – ESPECIALLY when courting her! Ladies, what do you think? Screw before dating, or be courted first? Coffee house says "I don’t need to be courted."
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