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Hello 2016

It seems like only yesterday we were still living in the year 2015. Time is flying so very fast these days. A brand new year means getting a fresh start at making your life even better. It’s good to reflect on the past as long as you learn from it and take the steps towards moving forward.
Everyone loves some good old fashioned New Year Resolutions so we have picked out some we feel are key to those looking for love this year and for those who want improve what they already have.
Love thy self- this can encompass all those resolutions we typically put on ourselves like: eating healthy, quitting smoking, stop drinking, exercise more etc. The number one key to happiness and being happy with YOU!Sisters before misters- hey remember those long nights hanging with girls and a bottle of wine? Let us not forget those friends that have been there for you through thick and thin. Just because you have found a man or for you guys a new gal, does not mean you drop your friends like yesterday’s news.Family first- just like friends, family is always number one. Call your mom, call your dad. Spend time with family as much as you can. Life is short and time is the enemy.Accent the positive- we can’t stress this enough: POSITIVITY! POSITIVITY! POSITIVITY! Ditch the toxic things and people in your life. Make the UNFRIEND and UNFOLLOW button your new best friend to those that fill our world with hate and death and all things NEGATIVE.
Stick with these for the new year and beyond and you can’t fail. Of course if you need some help along the way you can always count on us! Just give us shout and we will guide you along your journey to a better you.