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Five Signs He's A Cheater

You’ve found the man of your dreams. He’s perfect in every way. Things are going great. But wait, something just doesn’t seem right. You can’t put your finger on it. Your friends and family haven’t a clue what you’re talking about, but you know… you know – it’s time to investigate those little… or HUGE red flags.
Girlfriends, if you fear he’s cheating on you, he probably is…
Here are some things to look out for:
1. The Traveling Man- does your fellow travel for business? Does he come home with perfectly washed and pressed clothing after a quick weekend away? Most men arrive with nothing but more laundry for his doting girl to do. Cleaned and pressed clothes returning from a business trip COULD be the result of getting rid of the evidence!
2. Secret Password- ever want to borrow your man’s laptop or tablet and he just won’t let you for no good reason? His search history is always clear, his email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are always locked and blocked. He may be hiding something… or SOMEONE!
3. Likes/Dislikes- sudden changes in his taste of food? Loved going with you to the beach, but now doesn’t? Suddenly, he’s listening to a band that is ten years younger than he would normally listen to? Is he using slang that only someone younger would use? Sound the alarm- he’s absorbing what SHE likes!
4. Sharp Dressed Man- since when did his appearance really matter to him? Now suddenly he’s stepped out of GQ MAGAZINE and he’s shaving on certain days. He’s dressed to impress when he’s not with you and looks like a shlub when he is. In the animal kingdom we call that ‘presenting’. He’s got his plumes looking prefect for that new hen.
5. Bling Bling- since when did your man change his cologne? He was always an Aqua Di Gio kind of guy and now he’s bathing in Kenneth Cole!? And skinny jeans? Wait, what happend to those old, baggy pants he’s had since high school? How about the trendy watch he just happend to "find" or the necklace he "got as a gift?" Yeah, I don’t think so, buddy.
Time to start opening your eyes ladies! You can chalk this up to paranioa, but let’s face it, paranioa is your Women’s Intuition telling you what’s up. Don’t get played by a player! Time to call him OUT!
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