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Co-Habi What?

You met, dated, and now you think you’re in love. What’s next marriage? Family? Hold on there let’s take a breath and back it up a smidge. Looks like it’s time to merge lives – time to Co-habitate! More and more couples are out with the old fashioned way of getting married then moving in they are living with each other first. Time to see if we are compatable before we take the plunge into Happily Ever After.
There are tons of positive results when moving in with your mate before marrying them. Always make sure you both are ready. Can you imagine if you married your true love, moved in, then realized they were a complete slob? Or vice versa! We can help you figure out how to go about finding the perfect place for BOTH of you. We can help you learn to deal with an accept eachother’s quirky habits, collections, and interests. How about creating a space that represents each of you instead of fighting over what stays and what goes?
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