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December 19, 2018

The holidays can be a magical, sparkly, wondrous time to behold in a relationship.
And other times–those single times–walking into a decorated room as a single woman over 50 can make you want to punch Santa in the face.
If you fall into the latter category this year, here are some thoughts on how the holidays can be survived, even while single.
Celebrate You: Shift your thoughts from celebrating alone, to celebrating you. (I know, easier said than done.) But if you take a few moments to treat yourself, it can take the holidays from a blue period to a much brighter and enjoyable experience. Seriously, give yourself something you have always wanted. It can be as simple as those earrings you have been eyeing for weeks, a spa day, or splurging on a Matchmaker so you’re not alone for the next one ;)… But I digress. Feeling truly happy and joyful also lends a hand to showing up as your best self out in the dating world, without you even realizing you have made the shift.
You would go all out for your kids/family this time of year. Why wouldn’t you do it for you? You deserve it.
Get Out of Your Routine: While you’re celebrating you, get out of your routine! Take advantage of your independence and head to the yoga class you never had time for before. After your class, while your endorphins are still pumping, make a list of all the single, fun, people you know and love. You will want to do this now while you’re in a positive mental state. You can never remember who you should call when you are sad, Friday night, with no place to go. Do it now! Then the next free evening you have you can make plans with those ladies for fancy drinks, dinner, and a show. You do not need a significant other to do those things!
Volunteer: And while all of those ideas may seem all about you, taking a moment for others truly does make you feel best of all. Volunteer your time giving to children in need or the local soup kitchen. Helping others will take the focus off of you and your single life and spread the true spirit of the holidays to others. It’s one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give.
Finally, ask for help and set boundaries with family and friends.
If you are in a place where you truly want to meet someone, let your friends and family know you are actively looking. People aren’t mind readers, so if you speak it out loud into the universe that you are open and ready for a relationship the higher the odds will be you get introduced to someone worth your time.
On the other hand, family can pry at times when it may be best for you to learn how to be independent first. Just like above, explain to your family that you are not rushing into anything and the pressure you may get from your kids or siblings doesn’t help you enjoy your independence the way that you deserve too. You do not need to be married or paired off to have an amazing holiday.
Whatever you feel works best for you this time of year, consider developing new routines and habits that mark positivity in your life right now. No matter what, remember that the holidays are not forever. Follow our advice and before you know it you will be ready to embark into the new year light and ready for love.